Becoming a Member of CRRC has many benefits. The primary benefit is having a safe, wide-open, location to fly, but there are many others including: instruction for beginners, participation in R/C flying events and competitions, getting valuable help with equipment selections, availability of experienced flying members, a well maintained flying field, and camaraderie with others who share your enthusiasm for the sport of R/C flying. Most importantly, CRRC offers fellowship of likeminded individuals that share your enthusiasm for this sport.

Membership Instructions

  1.  CRRC will need proof that you've joined the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics).  CRRC accepts either the Full Membership Program or the Park Pilot Program (see AMA site for restrictions).  You can join the AMA by filling out an AMA membership application and mailing your dues to them.   It may take several weeks to get your AMA card.  OR, you can go to the AMA Website to enroll online. This should speed up the process a bit.  If you receive a confirmation e-mail from them you can use this as proof of membership in AMA, or wait until you receive your AMA card.
  2. You must become a dues paying member of CRRC.  Please download our membership application and fill it out, sign and mail to our current treasurer listed in the document. You may also, if necessary give the application along with your check and proof of AMA membership to one of the Club Officers listed on our Contact Us page.
  3. You must be willing to actively participate in on e or more of the following categories:
    • Building of R/C model aircraft.
    • Enjoy flying R/C model aircraft.
    • Talking about building and flying R/C aircraft.
    • Considering talking about building and flying R/C model aircraft.
    • Know someone who once had a model aircraft who thought about flying it once, and talked about it.
    • ...OR, at the very least, you must be able to tell (or fabricate) some kind of aviation related story.
  4. Finally, please make sure you read the AMA Safety Code and the Club's Safety Rules.

TBD: Field Clean-Up
TBD: Float Fly at Howard Lake
07/15/2017:  Air Expo 2017

RED:  Crow River R/C Event
Hobby Warehouse (Local hobby shop)
Control Freaks R/C (Local hobby shop)
Extreme Flight RC (American aerobatic ARF company)
Hobby Zone (Local hobby shop)
Hub Hobby (Local hoby shop)
Maiden Model Products (RC plane accessories)
Tower Hobbies (Internet hobby shop)
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