Flying Field Rules


  1. AMA and club membership is required of all flyers.
  2. You must understand and follow the current AMA rules and safety codes.
  3. Only AMA and FCC authorized frequencies are allowed at the field.
  4. Guest flyers with AMA membership may fly with their club host, a maximum of 3 times.
  5. Spectators and non-members may fly a member's aircraft if the member has control via a "buddy box" system.
  6. As required by the AMA, all aircraft must have owner's name, address and AMA number attached to it inside or out. We recommend your transmitter be identified as well.
  7. Mufflers are required on all engines.
  8. Flying time is from 9AM until disk. The 9 AM rule was a county restriction place there for noise. It is the boards’ opinion that this would apply to anything other than electric. All flyers must observe NO FLY ZONES, which are County Road 9, and east, buildings, pit area, spectator area and parking area. If you have doubts as to how far out County Road 9 is, turn short.
  9. Before turning on you transmitter, you must indicate on the frequency board which channel you are going to operate by placing your AMA or club card in the proper channel location. If your frequency number is in use, wait your turn. After each flight your transmitter must be turned off and placed back in the impound area. Please be aware if someone else at the field is on your frequency and work together.
  10. No unleashed pets are allowed at the flying field.
  11. Pilots are expected to communicate with each other on their intent by announcing landing, take off, dead stick, low passes, etc. Pilots walking onto the runway will announce their intent to the other pilots still flying.
  12. Wind direction determines take off/ landing direction.
  13. Treat your field and the surrounding area with the utmost respect. All trash shall be removed from the field and properly disposed of.
  14. You are responsible for any and all actions by yourself, your guest, and your children. Spectators are not permitted in the pit area without permission.
  15. Use common sense and follow safety guidelines when starting engines, taxiing, flying and retrieving airplanes.
  16. Unlawful activities, illegal drugs, and unauthorized weapons are not permitted.
  17. After landing, taxi aircraft to taxi area, then stop engine; either carry or walk aircraft to pit area.
  18. Violations of field regulations will be brought to the immediate attention of the offending person. Continued or flagrant violations of field rules will be brought before a special meeting of the club officers and board of directors for whatever action is deemed necessary, including denial of club usage permanently.
  19. Pilots will stay behind the pilot station fence when operating their aircraft. No exceptions are acceptable.
  20. No littering – this includes: rubber bands, cigarette butts, and any other rubbish.
  21. Helicopters shall use the area South and West of the pit/runway area when sharing the property with fixed wing aircraft.
  22. Except for landing, all pilots will fly beyond the outside edge (north side) of the runway, furthest away from the flight line.
  23. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. We are all members of the safety committee. If you see someone violating a safety rule, take time and talk to them about it. Board members and the safety officer can’t be at the field every hour of every day.